• 5 Different Bouquets For 5 Different Occasions

    Every particular flower has a particular message to convey. That is the reason why there are different flowers for different occasions. People buy different flowers onlineas there are many occasion flowers available.

    Here are some of the bouquet options for various occasions-

    Flower Bouquets On Birthday

    When you gift flowers on your loved one's birthday, you should go for a flower which symbolises friendship, and happiness. Ordering flowers online of yellow or orange colour are best for the occasion. On birthday’s occasion, flowers like yellow roses or marigolds will do great.

    Flower Bouquets On Wedding Anniversary

    For gifting flower bouquets on a wedding anniversary, you should go for flowers like coloured roses or daisies. The couple will be much happier to know that you’ve put in thought and so much love before choosing the flower.

    Flower Bouquets On The Baby Shower

    During this period, any woman would be more than happy to receive a nice bouquet of fresh, beautiful flowers. For such an occasion, go for light or pastel coloured flowers, depicting the serenity of the occasion.

    Flower Bouquets On Graduation Day

    For anyone who’s graduating, it is a very auspicious day. So gifting them a nice bouquet of blue and red coloured flowers or even wild Lilly can be the right choice. Wishing them good luck and prosperity.

    Flower Bouquets On Funerals

    To sympathise with the person and to let them know that you are there for them, you can give them a bouquet of white daisies and white carnations. On such a day of sadness, white is perfect as such occasions flowers.

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